Maps - The Mapping application can be utilized to keep track of crop maps and field maps. You will have quick access to property descriptions along with crops planted for that specific year, for any specific vendor or company you do business with.
Soil Sample - This application allows a grower to log each soil sample from a specific field or ranch in order to maximize efficiency of any ground amendments. Soil samples are very important to any farm concerned about improving the fertility and till of the soil.
Ground Improvement - The Ground Improvement application will allow you to keep track of type, cost, amount, effectiveness, year applied and move of any ground improvement made to a specific field or ranch. Keeping a detailed log of the improvements you have made on your land improves your efficiency and helps you to assess the value of your land.
Irrigation - Water is one of the most critical element applied to any crop on any farm. Being able to keep track of applied amount, cost, type of water (well or canal), date and more is an invaluable tool to any grower. With Mobile Farmer's Irrigation Application, you can create a very detailed summary and schedule for all the water applied to your specific crops and how it affects your overall bottom line.
Ground Work - With the push for managing tillage practices, the Ground Work feature allows a grower to keep track of type, cost, date, and equipment used to do a specific job and much more. Having access to software that allows you to manage every aspect of your ground work methods and costs on your personal farm or ranch is critical to being successful.
Planting - Probably the second most important part of the growing season for any farmer is planting. Getting off to a good start is critical to producing a quality and abundant crop. This application allows you to document specific details about each planting on every field. The cost per acre, variety, plant spacing, and ground temperature are just a few of the many variables you can manage with this application. Easy management of these variables year to year will help you to get the best start to your growing season.
Chemical Application - The applied rate, type of chemicals used and cost per acre are three key components of managing your chemical applications. Again, Mobile Farmer features a tool that allows each individual grower to increase efficiency and net profit.
Fertilizer Application - Every farmer or grower wants to keep track of every cost per acre possible and have it readily available in order to make good decisions. This feature provides a tool that every farmer can use to track types, amounts, costs and applied rates of individual fertilizers. This allows a farmer to identify specific products that best fit his crop or farm. Tracking applied rates and results is key to saving money on your fertilizer budget.
Harvest Summary - Every farmer looks forward to a timely and successful harvest. This application allows him or her to document specific characteristics of that years harvest including; the cost of harvest, yield per acre, price per ton, bale, box, etc. and more. A harvest summary provides farmers the opportunity to adjust their crop plan to be more successful in future years.
Crop Insurance - Many farmers utilize crop insurance as a protection tool to minimize loss in a specific year. Having ready access to crop coverage, premium information, limitations on coverage, agent or company providing coverage is all crucial components in managing the crop insurance coverage a grower has purchased.
Land Purchase - This tool was included to basically document important information about a property that was purchased including cost, lender, land description and seller of land. These aren’t things most farmers need on a daily basis but when they do it's convenient to have it readily available.
Land Sale - This is very similar to Land Purchase with a few differences. When a farmer sells a piece of land, or a piece of land is sold, this application provides a way to document that sale. Payment schedules, buyers lender and sale date are just a few of the things you can document with Mobile Farmer.
Machine Sale - Machine sale is an application of Mobile Farmer that outlines information of a sale of a specific piece of equipment; price the buyer paid, when the buyer purchased that piece of equipment, payment agreements and more. Once again another management tool that a farmer can use to improve his or her efficiency.
Fuel and Lubricants - Keeping a log of all types, prices, vendors, amounts purchased and dates purchased are just a few of the components that allow a farmer to manage his fuel and lubricants. These two expenses are inconsistent as prices and availability change throughout the year and logging these changes to be better prepared in the future is a valuable tool.
Employees - Documenting information about your employees is very important for any farmer. When making personnel decisions, there are things that can help you better evaluate a particular employee. Things like pay rate, years of employment, capabilities and qualifications are examples of the types of information you can log about the employees on your farm.
Implements - Having a list of all your implements can be valuable in many ways. One purpose of this application is to distinguish your implements from others. With Mobile Farmer you can take a photo of each implement and store that information with a detailed description in case of theft. It also allows you to document the year, make, model, and other specific characteristics of that implement.
Vehicles - This application on Mobile Farmer is a tool that every farmer can use to manage their farm vehicles. Year, make, model, purchase date and vendor are some of the many things that can be documented. Vehicles are important to operate any farm and this tool allows every farmer access to information about his or her vehicles at any time.
Machines - This function of Mobile Farmer performs similar to the Implement function. Logging photos and descriptions of your machines allows you to manage and access important information. Information like model, serial number, vendor, and year manufactured are just some of the important factors to log for each and every machine.
Maintenance and Repair - This application is crucial in keeping all vehicles, machines, implements and other engines in top working condition. Having a log of all maintenance and repairs guarantees a farmer that when he needs his equipment to run efficiently, the necessary services have been or are scheduled to be done. Reliability of all the equipment on any farm is imperative to be efficient and get the job done.
Water Applied - Irrigation and water applied are similar functions in Mobile Farmer but do provide different options to manage irrigation water. Methods of application, like buried drip, above ground drip, and micro sprinklers are different methods of irrigation that produce different results on specific crops. Logging this information will allow farmers to get the most out of their water.